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The business firm Rotatori Macchine s.r.l. was founded in the 80?s by Rotatori Eraldo.

Thanks to the working experience he gained since 1960 in Switzerland, Rotatori Eraldo managed to specialize in producing traditional screed and, afterwards, he handed it down to his two sons.

Over the years, quantity and quality of market requirements continuously increased and ? to meet these requirements ? they gradually changed over from manual job to more and more advanced means.

That?s when they first thought of creating ?Rapid floor?, a computerized blending system working through moving means. This machine offers great advantages, for it makes it possible to reduce the number of workers as well as time of production while increasing productivity. Furthermore, this system allows to easily  reach even the smallest construction sites in limited space; it makes it easier to clean the construction site, because it is not necessary to upload inert materials ( cement, sand) on site; finally, the optimum quality of material which ? being previously weighted ? grants a perfect mechanical resistance of the finished product.

  Rotatori Macchine srl - Strada comunale 69/f - 60019 Senigallia (AN) _ credit TnW